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Drink Protecting Cover - keep bugs out of your beer!

Drink Protecting Cover - keep bugs out of your beer!

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Glass of the Summer Wine presents this stylish and unique laser engraved glass and cup lid/ cover, featuring the pun slogan "Bugger Off!". Keep the bugs away this summer and relax without fear of finding flies in your beer or being chased around the garden by wasps. This cover slots into place on any cup, mug or glass with an inner diameter of 8cm - 9cm and perfectly fits on an IKEA Pokal glass as pictured. Suitable to use for both cold and hot drinks. Made of bamboo, which is an easy-care and hardwearing natural material, the lid is 9.2cm in diameter with a 7.9cm diameter inner protrusion to slot inside the cup.

  • Laser engraved with "Bugger Off" pun and bee image
  • Inner protrusion 7.9cm slots inside cup
  • Sheild your coffee, tea, beer and other beverages from bugs
  • Enjoy a relaxing drink in the garden this summer
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